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GuruCul is a premier security risk intelligence provider, featuring GuruCul Risk Analytics (GRA), an Identity Centric Behavioral Risk Intelligence platform. GRA is a big data enabled Human and Machine Security Analytics Solution providing Actionable Risk IntelligenceTM.

Gurucul - Premier Security Risk Intelligence Provider

GuruCul Risk Analytics

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GuruCul Risk Analytics (GRA) provides a 360° view of an organization's risk landscape by consolidating and correlating human and machine profile data with application, device and data-logging sources. Using patent pending, contextually aware algorithms, GRA’s self-learning platform provides Actionable Risk Intelligence™, reducing the cost of finding, validating and remediating threats and unauthorized insider access. Protecting high value classified data assets can be done in an automated, proactive fashion, averting risks that were only discovered after the fact with traditional defense-in-depth security designs from the past.

GuruCul is a leading provider of

Human & Machine Security Analytics

Human & Machine Security Analytics
  • Anomalous Behavior DetectionAnomalous Behavior Detection
    Anomalous Behavior Detection

    GRA has patent pending behavioral profiling algorithms that use 254 attributes to automatically detect, alert, and remediate Anomalous behaviors exhibited by users, systems and accounts.

  • Intellectual Property ProtectionIntellectual Property Protection
    Intellectual Property Protection

    Protect your company jewels using patent pending behavioral profiling algorithms

  • Self-AuditSelf-Audit TM
    Self-Audit TM

    Proactive feedback to end-user on their activities with Self Audit reporting. Deputize staff engage them in security awareness with their own activity and data access patterns.

  • SIEM IntelligenceSIEM Intelligence
    SIEM Intelligence

    Get advanced threat detection and response with identity context, advanced analytics, and visualization for your existing SIEM program.

  • Visual Investigation WorkbenchVisual Investigation Workbench
    Visual Investigation Workbench

    Use keyword searches over vast data elements to quickly find files, objects and anomalous behavior. Examiners consume evidence based off metrics and risk patterns to reduce investigations to hours, not weeks.

  • Fraud DetectionFraud Detection
    Fraud Detection

    Money laundering, Identity theft, Embezzlement, Prescription Drug trafficking, Credit Card and Online banking theft.

  • Access IntelligenceAccess Intelligence
    Access Intelligence

    Show users’ roles and attributes in once view. Use a risk-based RBAC method to quickly determine access levels and attributes with classified or protected data and systems access.

  • Privileged Account AnalyticsPrivileged Account Analytics
    Privileged Account Analytics

    Rapid detection of abnormal high privilege account and user behavior.

  • Intelligent DLPIntelligent DLP
    Intelligent DLP

    Detect high risk data access and usage at the source while transforming an existing program with identity context and advanced analytics.

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