Have you seen her resume? 12 amazing women in security

By Kacy Zurkus, CSO | Feb 8, 2017

Female role models for young security newbs

Female Entrepreneur of the Year


Saryu Nayyar, CEO, Gurucul and author of the recently released Borderless Behavioral Analytics, is a highly regarded expert in information security, identity and access technologies, and security risk management. Leadership is old hat to Nayyar who was also a founding member of Vaau. She’s also served in leadership roles at Oracle and Sun Microsystems and held senior positions at IT security practice of Ernst & Young.

External Link : http://www.csoonline.com/article/3166038/leadership-management/have-you-seen-her-resume-12-amazing-women-in-security.html#slide3

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What a name!

What a name!

GURUCUL (goo-roo-cool)  

The name Gurucul comes from Sanskrit (गुरुकुल). This word is a contraction of the Sanskrit word ‘guru’ which means teacher or expert and ‘cul’ means extended family or group. In ancient times this was the place of learning. As a security analytics company expertise and learning hold a very special meaning as it reflects in our name.