Access Analytics Platform (AAP)



All organizations spend millions of dollars on managing identity and access, but access-related security breaches and compliance violations are still on the rise. These include privileged accounts, abandoned and orphan accounts, segregation of duty violations, model after access, access collectors and so forth. These issues have been there for decades and need an intelligent solution to provide access insight and security controls without hampering the business. The lack of insight, management, and on-going governance leads to security risks, operational inefficiency, loss of data, and failure to comply with regulatory standards.


Gurucul’s Access Analytics Platform (AAP) is built upon our core architecture PIBAE (Predictive Identity Based Behavior Anomaly Engine) to provide an intelligent access analytics solution that assists in cleaning, managing, securing and governing identities and their access to the organizations prized assets. This technology can predict and prevent risk associated with excessive and misaligned access granted to users. It also provides a comprehensive real-time view of identities, access, and activities across all enterprise applications, systems, and resources.

Our Big Data anomaly detection approach using identity as a threat surface along with contextual access, intelligent security analytics, and machine learning algorithms can provide an organization with risk based compliance, intelligent provisioning, high privilege access intelligence, and continuous access governance. Gurucul provides a Hybrid Behavior Analytics (HBA) architecture with the breadth of Identity Access Intelligence to User Behavior Analytics, and the depth from cloud apps to on-premises behavior.



Powered by Predictive Identity Based Behavior Anomaly Engine that provides:

  • Largest Library of Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Most Granular & Self Tuning Risk Modeling Capabilities
  • Flexible Meta Data Framework
  • Signature-Less Technology
  • Fuzzy logic based link analysis
  • Built to Scale Using Big Data Foundation

360° View of Identity, Access, and Activity

Correlate data across multiple disparate sources to create contextual identity – who is the user, what access he has, and what activity are they performing

Detailed Insight into Outlier Access

Risk Based Certification

Enhance existing certification processes with user, account, and entitlement risk determined by behavior profiling algorithms

High Privilege Access Anomaly Detection
360 Degree View of Identity, Access, and Activity

Detailed Insight into Outlier Access

Detect real-time access anomalies to quick identify users with access outside their normal role and responsibilities along with identifying unused or obsolete access.

Based Certification

High Privilege Access Anomaly Detection

Real-time analytics on privileged users and account to identify anomalies which can lead to IP loss and server brand damage


  • Day One access Cleanup with over 80% entitlement reduction
  • Enable smart and automated Access and Data Governance by leveraging Day Zero Access Collectors and Anomalous Access identification
  • Eliminate rubber-stamping and improve quality of access reviews thereby increasing ROI
  • Proactively Detect and Remediate Rogue Access to your Intellectual Property
  • Improve an existing RBAC framework by introducing Intelligent Roles™ and Dynamic Access Provisioning
  • Anomalous behavior detection and continuous monitoring of privileged accounts.

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