RSA Conference 2017

RSA Conference 2017 is your best opportunity to connect with the technology, trends and people that will protect our digital world. Based on feedback from past attendees, we have increased Expo hours, expanded session times, and added more Learning Labs and Crowdsourced Sessions. Plus, we’ve created new programs such as Birds of a Feather Breakfasts, Focus-On Series and much more.


Start: February 13
End: February 17
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Venue :
RSA Booth # S2407
Moscone Center,
San Francisco, United States

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Expo Pass Code: XEGRUCUL17

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What a name!

What a name!

GURUCUL (goo-roo-cool)  

The name Gurucul comes from Sanskrit (गुरुकुल). This word is a contraction of the Sanskrit word ‘guru’ which means teacher or expert and ‘cul’ means extended family or group. In ancient times this was the place of learning. As a security analytics company expertise and learning hold a very special meaning as it reflects in our name.