Solution Providers

Gurucul’s Solution Providers are focused on a more consultative delivery approach that is applied to broader enterprise risk or business objectives, or providing specific services that may be Cloud-based or managed as a Security Service provider to clients. The power of GRA to move customers down the Kill-Chain to deter reconnaissance based Insider Threat and external hackers activity is more important than ever. Whether an MSSP, a global systems integrator or a consulting services organization, GRA can put Security Intelligence into your service model.


The benefits of becoming a Gurucul Solution Provider are as follows
  • Lower operational costs by providing emerging User Behavioral Analytics as a monthly service with zero costs to infrastructure and on-site staffing
  • Capitalize on emerging our advanced Security Intelligence framework for SIEM and DLP
  • White Label GRA as a Managed Service or Co-Branded Service offering
  • Deploy next generation Anti-Fraud, Money Laundering or near real-time data protection as a service
  • Deploy an Intelligent Roles® service to continually monitor highly privileged accounts for illegal access to protected or classified assets

Gurucul Risk Analytics

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