Cloud Security Analytics

Today organizations are facing the same security challenges with cloud applications as they did with their in-house applications and systems. With enterprises rapidly adopting cloud technologies, it is becoming increasingly difficult to control user access to these systems as well as the data moved to, and maintained in these systems. While some operational and infrastructure concerns are less relevant in the cloud, issues like data breaches, data loss, service account hijacking, malicious insiders, and shared technology concerns are even more prevalent.


What is GuruCul’s Cloud Security Analytics Solution?

In wake of cloud computing challenges, companies need a way to effectively protect and secure sensitive data on their cloud systems. Gurucul’s solution provides 360° view of user’s cloud identity, access, and activity by correlating information across multiple public or private cloud applications. It also provides additional context by overlaying identity related data from their on-premise systems (HR, Directories, Application, etc.). This solution leverages user behavior analytics, self-audit capabilities, privileged access monitoring, and risk based compliance to provide actionable risk intelligence®. The solution comes with out of the box connectors to most cloud applications and is available in a cloud to cloud (C2C) or hybrid mode.


  • One stop solution to maintain and monitor identities across all cloud platforms – 360° view of identity, access, and activity
  • Proactively identify insider threats and data exfiltration
  • Monitor privileged accounts for anomalous behaviors
  • Automated self-audit helps identify potential leaks of IP and regulated data
  • Actionable alerts and custom workflows to prevent and deter threats before they occur
  • Meet compliance requirements across multiple cloud platforms




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