Fraud Detection & Prevention

Why is Fraud Detection and Prevention Important?

On a daily basis, companies of all sizes and across an array of industries are affected by acts of fraud. These malicious acts can range anywhere from false insurance claims and identity theft, to inaccurate credit applications and fraudulent transactions (online and offline). Fraud can compromise your company’s ability to conduct business and can be potentially devastating. The ability to detect fraud and predict when and where it may occur is an invaluable resource. This solution can potentially save your company millions of dollars and from becoming the next victim.


What is Gurucul’s Fraud Detection and Prevention Solution?

Fraud detection and prevention enables your company to predict where you may be vulnerable to an attack as well as the ability to immediately detect and remediate an act of fraud. Gurucul’s solution is built on a foundation of patent pending self-learning algorithms, user behavior analytics (UBA), and peer group analysis, providing a 360° view of contextual awareness. You are quickly able to identify anomalous behavior; patterns associated with fraud or money laundering, and protect your organization against malicious threats.


Fraud detection and prevention can play a key role in preventing a cyber-attack on your company, alerting you to threats or acts of fraud and money laundering. Our solution provides user-based risk and threat intelligence creating a proactive predict, detect and deter mentality.

Other benefits include:

  • Helps to maintain regulatory and compliance for a number of industries including Healthcare, Finance, Education, Telecommunications, Retail, etc.
  • Provides Actionable Risk Intelligence™ – shortening prevention, detection, investigation, and remediation of risks and threats
  • Identity protection and safeguarding your company’s sensitive information
  • Prevention of lost customers, lost business, legal liability, and audit deficiencies




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