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Your Challenge

Managing systems access in the enterprise has always been a challenge. Providing your business meaningful context so that they can make informed decisions about who has access to your assets is even a greater challenge. Gurucul software provides Access Intelligence and Analytics that will allow you to identify unused access, unnecessary or misuse of privileged accounts, and real-time decision making for authorization and access provisioning to your critical systems.

How Gurucul Can Help

Gurucul’s software provides ongoing intelligence and insight into access controls. Using our open platform APIs Gurucul can provide real-time input into provisioning decisions, providing an opportunity for influencing workflows, detecting segregation of duty conflicts prior to provisioning, and informing the business of risky access.

Intelligent Provisioning

Provisioning automation is often complicated. Adding intelligence to the access provisioning processes will simplify the access request process by presenting requestors access choices that are relevant and common to the end users peers. Intelligence can also provide business context for access approval decisions, including real time evaluation for toxic entitlement combinations, peer group analytics, and other risk factors.

Permission Clean Up

Gurucul software automates enterprise access clean up in several ways. Set and forget policy will automatically evaluates temporary access grants, sends notifications to the assigned that provides them an opportunity to request extensions, and facilitates approval or deprovisioning of the access once it is expired. Gurucul software also scans for and automatically invokes deprovisioning for access that has not been used. It will also scan for defined toxic entitlement combinations, notify control owners, and provide them the opportunity to take action.


  • Provides a 360-degree contextual view for identity, access and activity
  • Behavior-based machine learning for identity and access often results in radical reductions in numbers of accounts and access entitlements reducing the exposure of identity as a threat plane
  • Access analytics are used to cleanse, manage, secure, and govern identities and associated access to prized data and assets
  • Real-time access analytics identify anomalies, improve access control, and data governance
  • Access analytics from Gurucul provide Intelligent Roles to reduce role management, risk and errors
  • Enhance certifications with user, account, and entitlement risk determined by behavior analytics
  • Detect access anomalies and outliers for users with access outside their normal responsibilities
  • Quickly identify unused or obsolete access entitlements, plus high privilege access anomalies
  • Hybrid architecture analyzes on-premises and cloud app access analytics



Gurucul Risk Analytics


Access Analytics Platform


  • Access Outlier Analysis
  • Identity Risk Analytics
  • Role Mining & Intelligent Roles
  • Dynamic Access Provisioning
  • Continuous Access Governance
  • Privilege Account & Access Intelligence
  • Risk-based Certification
  • Cloud Access Analytics
  • Permission Clean-up


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