Privileged Access Intelligence

Is there a Snowden in your organization?

Gurucul was founded on the idea that most security threats are founded in the compromise or misuse of an identity. This premise is especially true for accounts with High Privileged Access (HPA). Gurucul’s Privileged Access Intelligence solution prevents risks and threats posed by administrative access privileges by monitoring the provisioning and use of HPA accounts. The solution provides a comprehensive and granular view into who has HPA access, from where it is being used, and for what purpose. This provides businesses the context they need to guard against the abuse of privileged user access.


Detailed Security Intelligence

Privileged access intelligence provides detailed logs regarding the time, date, and location at which a user accessed protected data. These detailed logs are then used to determine if the user had appropriate authorization to access the data or not.

Effective Access Controls

Privileged access intelligence allows businesses to change or alter their user access policies, enabling protection of data from potential threats or APT attacks.

Separation of Sensitive User Data

Privileged access intelligence can be used to monitor for separation of duties violations via HPA. If anyone performs unauthorized tasks using HPA in transactional or operational systems, responders are notified and able to review and take appropriate action to stop the transactions or revoke the access.