Risk Based Access Compliance

A Better Approach to Managing Access

Since the introduction of Sarbanes Oxley, access compliance has become a significant IT control, supporting company’s financial statements. Unfortunately, maintaining access is frequently approached with a checklist mentality, opaque to the people responsible for the controls, and often resulting in uninformed decision making or rubberstamping of access. This can be extremely risky, and may result in unforeseen costs due to productivity loss, additional control testing from external auditors, or even worse, a breach of sensitive information. Risk Based Access Compliance is Gurucul’s approach to meeting the access compliance needs of your organization. With this approach, decision makers are provided context to assist them in making informed decisions, and focus on highest risk areas.


Risk Based Access Reviews

Imagine your business being able to see what access is risky while performing access reviews. However, providing context for the risk is even more important. Gurucul’s Risk based access compliance not only provides the typical glossary and entitlement risk score, but will also provide context that includes peer group analysis, last used context and toxic combinations.

Automated Access Removal

Traditional access compliance solutions claim closed-loop compliance. Our solution will not only ensure access is removed following a review, but it will automatically remove unused accounts, and associated access without anyone needing to make a decision. Automated notifications provide decision makers and end users pre-removal notifications, and once removed, Gurucul will send confirmation into your ticketing system so your help desk remains informed.

Toxic Combination Management

Gurucul can provide both preventive and detective toxic combination management, and can manage combinations within or across platforms. Additionally, exceptions can be proactively managed, sending notifications to control owners, and allowing them to grant exceptions on a temporary basis.




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