Self Audit

Recent breaches in several well renowned companies have proved that traditional security solutions are no longer effective. The common denominator of all these attacks is a compromised or misused identity which in turn grants access to sensitive information for malicious intent. These breaches prove that the identity is now a prominent risk vector that needs to be safeguarded.


Current threats mandate that an identity based behavioral analytics approach is now crucial. As effective as this approach is in identifying modern day threats, it is still not able to provide a contextual layer of intelligence that can be provided by end users. An ideal solution will be the one that couples machine learning analytical techniques with end-user awareness and feedback. Gurucul’s unique Self-Audit™ solution achieves this by empowering end-users to review their activity to help identify compromised or misused identities. Additionally it acts as a deterrent because the end-user is now aware that they are being monitored.

Like a bank portal and statements, Self-Audit™ provides end users with a customizable online view of their system activity and sends activity statements for review for reporting of anomalies and potential misuse of identity. Gurucul’s Self-Audit™ is a unique differentiator that extends traditional information security programs into the business, showing end users what they have accessed, when they accessed it, from what location, and with what device.


  • Protection Against Compromised Identities
  • Increase your reach into the organization by “deputizing” end users into your risk management and mitigation processes
  • Faster Response and Few False Positives versus Other Detection Methods
  • Promote End User Awareness