Phishing attacks, compromised credentials, & identity access

EAB video series # 3 (out of 6)

Hear cyber security leaders talk about concerns around Phishing attacks, compromised credentials, & identity access.

Account hijacking and compromise is often an early stage in attacks making identity a threat plane that cannot be ignored. Attacks are getting more sophisticated as hackers leverage personal information to gain trust in phishing attacks and social engineering. Once an account is compromised, attackers have ‘the keys to the kingdom’ to login and act as an employee unfettered by preventive defenses. The number of accounts and entitlements that organizations need to monitor is massive, plus providing high privileged access for productivity knowing it is used appropriately. Today, privileged access misuse is commonly found along with dormant, orphan and terminated account activities.

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What a name!

What a name!

GURUCUL (goo-roo-cool)  

The name Gurucul comes from Sanskrit (गुरुकुल). This word is a contraction of the Sanskrit word ‘guru’ which means teacher or expert and ‘cul’ means extended family or group. In ancient times this was the place of learning. As a security analytics company expertise and learning hold a very special meaning as it reflects in our name.