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Unified Security and Risk Analytics

One Platform for All Cyber Risks: Security, Identity and Fraud


Contain COVID-19 Cyber Risk: Securing Data with Remote Workforce – Free Service

All Your Data in One Risk Score So You Can SOAR
Largest Machine Learning Library with Open Analytics
Priced by Identity not Data Volume

Real-time Threat Detection with Behavior Analytics

Lakshminarayanan Kaliyaperumal, VP & Head – Cyber Security Technology & Operations at Infosys Ltd

Automate Security Controls Using Machine Learning

Drive Front Line Security Controls with UEBA & Identity Analytics

Kurt Lieber, CISO, Aetna

How Gurucul Risk Analytics Works

computer screen and monitor connected devices User/Entity and Device Context Across Silos
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Open Choice of Big Data
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Machine Learning Behavior Analytics
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Risk Scoring Data Science

Real-Time Analytics

Data Protection for Borderless Perimeter
Context, Risk Aware Automated Remediation
Risk Prioritized Alerts User/Entity Risk Score & Reputation

“Hands down the most sophisticated
example of behavior analytics…”

– SC Magazine


Gary Eppinger

Gary Eppinger

Global VP, Chief Information Security and Privacy Officer, Carnival Corporation

Gary B. Harbison

Gary B. Harbison

VP, Global Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Bayer

Jason Clark

Jason Clark

Investor, CISO Advisor, and Board Director

Jerry Archer

Jerry Archer

Chief Security Officer, Major Financial Services Company

Joe Sullivan

Joe Sullivan

Chief Security Officer at Cloudflare, Inc.


Renee Guttmann-Stark

Chief Information Security Officer, Campbell Soup Company


Teri Takai

Senior Advisor, Center for Digital Government