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Unified Security and Risk Analytics

One Platform with Modular Solutions for All Cyber Risks: Security, Identity and Fraud


Contain COVID-19 Cyber Risk: Securing Data with Remote Workforce – Free ServiceSC Awards Europe 2020 - Best Behaviour Analytics/Enterprise Threat Detection

All Your Data in One Risk Score So You Can SOAR
Largest Machine Learning Library with Open Analytics
Priced by Identity not Data Volume

Real-time Threat Detection with Behavior Analytics

Lakshminarayanan Kaliyaperumal, VP & Head – Cyber Security Technology & Operations at Infosys Ltd

Automate Security Controls Using Machine Learning

Drive Front Line Security Controls with UEBA & Identity Analytics

Kurt Lieber, CISO, Aetna

How Gurucul Risk Analytics Works

computer screen and monitor connected devices User/Entity and Device Context Across Silos
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Open Choice of Big Data
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Machine Learning Behavior Analytics
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Risk Scoring Data Science

Real-Time Analytics

Data Protection for Borderless Perimeter
Context, Risk Aware Automated Remediation
Risk Prioritized Alerts User/Entity Risk Score & Reputation

“Hands down the most sophisticated
example of behavior analytics…”

– SC Magazine

Borderless Behavior Analytics — Second Edition: Who’s Inside? What’re They Doing?
Borderless Behavior Analytics – Who’s Inside? What’re They Doing?

Gurucul CEO Saryu Nayyar Explores Borderless Behavior Analytics

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