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What’s Your Risk Score?

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At the 2020 RSA Conference, Gurucul conducted a survey about the risky behaviors of IT Security professionals. We wanted to gauge how common it is for IT security personnel – who are most attuned to today’s cyber threats – to engage in risky behaviors. Nearly 300 RSA Conference attendees, across all main vertical markets, completed the survey. Key findings include:

  • More than one third (38%) of respondents send company documents to their personal email.
  • Nearly two thirds (63%) have accessed company documents that have nothing to do with their job roles.
  • 47% of security pros have clicked on a link in an email from someone they didn’t know.
  • Nearly one in five (19%) respondents have abused their privileged access to view sensitive data. (That number spikes to 36% among those who’ve had a poor job performance review.)
  • A fifth (20%) of IT security professionals have voiced their frustrations with work on social media. That number rises to 48% for people who’ve had a poor job performance review.

What’s Your Risk Score? Download the full report today for details on why behavior is the leading threat indicator – of insider threats.

‛‛ Today’s most damaging security threats do not originate from malicious outsiders or malware but from trusted insiders with access to sensitive data and systems – both malicious insiders and negligent insiders. ’’

– 2020 Insider Threat Report, Cybsersecurity Insiders

Gurucul is changing the way enterprises protect themselves against insider threats, fraud, account compromise and data exfiltration in on-premise, hybrid and cloud environments. The company’s Unified Security and Risk Analytics platform uses machine learning and predictive anomaly detection algorithms to reduce the attack surface for accounts, and to eliminate unnecessary access rights and privileges. Identify, predict and prevent insider threats with Gurucul Risk Analytics. What’s your risk score?

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