Real-time behaviour based security analytics forms the core of Gurucul

Sandeep Puri

Gurucul is a global cyber security company, catering to the enterprise and the government vertical, protecting their most valuable data. It provides artificial intelligence based security solutions focusing on real-time behaviour based security analytics and intelligence.

Gurucul was started nine years back in 2010 and was founded by Saryu Nayyar and Nilesh Dherange.

“It has been an amazing journey so far. We are now the leaders in the behaviour based security analytics space,” says Sandeep Puri, Country Head – Gurucul India. “Convinced that user behaviour is the leading threat indicator, Gurucul pioneered the concept of user behaviour analytics.There are many anomalies and threats and every threat has its unique posture. We tell you how risky that anomalous behaviour and the threat is, while also doing context based risk prioritising.”

Gurucul offers two solutions – Gurucul Risk Analytics solution in which it provides user and entity behaviour analytics along with identity analytics and the second one is Fraud Analytics solutions. The back-end of both these solutions is the big data. By providing these solutions, customer retention remains its main focus.

“The customers that we have earned in the last 9 years are still with us. That is a very important part of our strategy. We are offering these solutions to Fortune 1000 companies across the world. We also have Gurucul Labs as part of our services,” says Sandeep.

Gurucul’s real-time behaviour based security analytics and intelligence technology combines machine learning behaviour profiling with predictive risk-scoring algorithms to predict, prevent and detect breaches, insider threats, privileged access abuse, fraud and more. Most importantly, Gurucul technology does not rely on signatures, rules or patterns. It is intended – from the ground up – to identify zero-day threats and designed to provide contextual and situational awareness to security analysts tasked to protect the enterprise from real and present danger.

In India, the company is witnessing strong growth for its solutions, in part, due to its ability to sit on top of any security infrastructure and significantly minimize addressable security alerts and deliver remediation measures on real threats, in real-time. “We work in integration with all major security vendors and players,” he says.

BFSI, IT-ITeS, enterprise and the Government vertical are the major business customers for Gurucul. A 100% channel focused company, Gurucul believes in working through the channel. In India it has a Value Added Distributor and channel partners across all the regions.

“We are spread all across the country and have an R&D center in Pune and our sales headquarter in Delhi. We have a sales team in Mumbai and Bengaluru. Also, Indian GSI partners are becoming very critical for the success of any organization. They help us get customers not only in India but across the globe,” Sandeep asserts.

The last two years have been phenomenal for Gurucul as it is seeing an amazing growth in India. The value proposition it is bringing to organizations through its real-time behaviour based security analytics platform is generating a lot of interests among its customers.

Sandeep Puri
Dec 31, 2018

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