The Biggest Cyber Threats Keeping Healthcare Executives Up at Night

The healthcare industry is a target for cyber threats. This is due to the type of security data providers have access to.

Here is what our healthcare customer executives say are the biggest cyber security concerns keeping them up at night:

  • The evolving threat landscape – what hackers are actually doing
  • New cyber attack techniques criminals are adapting
  • How to respond with innovative controls in a timely enough manner to prevent or mitigate those risks

It’s a challenge across the industry to ensure you have adequate security data controls. In addition to access management controls to prevent criminals from gaining access.

Compliance drives the healthcare industry. Therefore providers look at the compliance regulations to dictate what security must be in place. Yet, if you look at financial services, they’ve been practicing a risk-based approach for several years now. That’s really where the healthcare industry needs to go. And where many of our customers have seen amazing results.

Stay Ahead of Cyber Threats with Model Driven Security

Model driven security is essentially the use of math and algorithms to make real time security control decisions. Therefore replacing the need for humans to enter those control changes into a console. Behavior based security analytics powered by Machine Learning is the definition of model driven security.

One example of why model driven security is needed: a recent large organization had 15,000 servers taken down in under 90 seconds. Probably no one in this world can respond fast enough to mitigate these sorts of cyber threats and attacks.

In conclusion, you need to be able to move at machine speed. Hence why our customers are moving to model driven security. Since it gives them a machine-based reaction time to cyber threats.

Gurucul delivers model driven security to alleviate your biggest nightmares. Contact us to learn more.