Gurucul at RSA 2014 – “Security by and for the people!”

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GuruCul at RSA 2014 demonstrating risk analytics on big data and security

Presented by Joshua Davis, Qualcomm CISO and Leslie K. Lambert, GuruCul CISO at RSA 2014. The session will illustrate how organizations data protection and security awareness can be amped up by enlisting end users to protect enterprise data and IP. Davis will talk about how he is using GuruCul Risk Analytics, a Hadoop-enabled Big Data system, to send weekly Self-Audit™ “Activity Statements” to end users showing them what their enterprise identity has been up to. “Deputized” users review, validate and can question or refute activities they believe are anomalous.

“Self-Audits™, are an innovative way to engage and educate end users about how their actions protect or compromise the organizations intellectual property and regulated information. This session will help spread the word on this new and forward thinking approach for engaging the business protecting its assets” said Saryu Nayyar, GuruCul Founder and CEO.

This exciting and forward thinking session will be held at RSA 2014 on Thursday, February 27, 2014 at 9:20 AM West –Room: 3022

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