What your SIEM isn’t Telling you – Discover Risk Analytics

Security information and event management (SIEM), the system which provides real-time analysis of security alerts generated by network hardware and applications, has been a solid part of many businesses security portfolios for quite some time. SIEM certainly has its uses, but in the incredibly toxic digital risk environment which exists today, a truly astute and conscientious company should not consider SIEM to be enough in itself.

Although risk has always been a central part of any business, and this element of commerce has magnified since the Internet became an integral function of enterprise, the environment which exists today is more risk-intensive than any that has ever existed before.

This is due to a variety of factors, which include the increasing complexity of the Internet itself, the sophisticated approaches that fraudsters and criminals are utilizing in order to gain access to systems, the scope and number of tasks which are being carried out digitally, and the ever increasing numbers of devices being used to access company systems, and the fact that these are often utilized off-site.

Such a complex and diverse environment offers huge opportunities for fraudsters, who are now presented with far more ‘backdoors’ into networks than existed previously. Snooping around where they are not wanted suddenly got a lot easier for the skillful hacker.

Companies have always found a way to adapt to risk via innovation, though, and the present day has proved to be no exception to this rule. Increasingly, risk analytics solutions are necessary in order to make successful risk-aware decisions. Such programs are driving more sophisticated risk management programs and methodologies, which are enabling companies and enterprises to feel more secure in their day-to-day tasks.

Gurucul Risk Analytics (GRA) is one such piece of software which enterprises are utilizing in order to reduce the risk of fraud on their internal networks. Gurucul Risk Analytics provides an outstanding package of behavioral risk intelligence, which provides real-time contextual and situational awareness for user access and activity.

This software is a hugely powerful, flexible and sophisticated system which provides a vast amount of customer information and identifies risks before they occur. It even features self-teaching algorithms that literally learn as they protect your system. This helps you manage risk on your internal networks in the following ways:

  • Risk analytics solutions enable you to improve decision-making by providing comprehensive risk analysis, insight and transparency. The more data that you feed to a piece of software such as Gurucul Risk Analytics, the more it is able to discern patterns of usage, and better help you protect your system. The software can work with astounding amounts of data to ensure that you are kept safe at all times.
  • Gurucul Risk Analytics can help you achieve greater return on capital, not merely by keeping your data safe, but also by assisting you in making risk-informed decisions on the optimization of capital allocation.
  • Risk analytics software is able to assist an organization in streamlining its risk processes. This can have a number of practical, logistical and financial benefits.
  • All businesses operate in an extremely complex regulatory environment nowadays. Potentially, risk analytics software can enable an organization to streamline its risk procedures in order to reduce the risk of falling foul of such legislation.
  • And finally, one of the biggest advantages of risk analytics software is that it can enable any organization to dynamically develop its risk architecture to fit in with the way that the company, its processes and requirements evolve over time.

The risk management capabilities of Gurucul Risk Analytics can play a massive part in securing your organization’s systems, helping you on the road to achieving profitable growth. With demands for regulatory compliance in today’s volatile and complex market conditions becoming increasingly demanding, risk analytics software is absolutely essential.

Gurucul Risk Analytics is also extremely user-friendly and most importantly of all, it ensures that malicious individuals cannot mess with your important data. There are few businesses in the hostile digital world that exists today who can afford to be without it.