Where can I find more about User Behavior Analytics?

When we talk to friends and colleagues about user behavior analytics there are some people who know about this topic but many who don’t. After talking to them for some time most are curious to learn more about this. So of course their next question is ‘Where can I learn more about user behavior analytics (UBA)?’

Just to answer that question we have put together a few resources below which will be good read for whoever wants to learn more…

First the basics, Wikipedia has a good base to start with to understand the concept:

Now that we know what is behavior analytics we can read more about UBA in consumer space. I found this article quite interesting as it digs into how much data companies have or can have and how to increase customer engagement utilizing that data:

Moving from consumers to information security industry this article talks about enabling technologies like big data and machine learning to create a force multiplier for UBA:

The one below goes in details of implementing security behavior analytics and its differences from cohort analytics:

We hope you enjoyed reading these and learning more about UBA.

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