Get the perspective of an analyst using the Gurucul platform to detect true insider threats, collaborate with cross-functional stakeholders and expedite purposeful action for quick insider threat response.

Bob Vail, Chief Information Security Officer at Citrine Informatics led the search for a next-generation SIEM solution that …

Nilesh Dherange talks about the cybersecurity landscape and how it is evolving at the GISEC 2023 Global Cyber Security Conference in Dubai.

Allina Health needed to maintain the security of the medical devices throughout its hospital network.

Infosys is a large IT consulting services company with 200,000 employees in 100 locations across 50 countries.

Hear from Gurucul customers directly as they share their experiences working with Gurucul’s real-time behavior based security analytics and intelligence technology.

Insider threats are the biggest cyber security issue for companies and big organizations because they can cause the most damage.

Our customers are changing their provisioning workflows. They’re using automation instead of manually provisioning access.