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Free Services to Help You During COVID-19

Stay Safe. Stay Secure. Contain COVID-19 Cyber Risk

After speaking with our customers and advisors across the globe, we understand the challenges CSO/CISO/CROs are facing right now to manage risk and secure their organizations in this catastrophic time when priority one is to protect lives. Most organization’s overall working behavior has changed overnight, leaving many critical traditional controls ineffective.

In this challenging time of the Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, we feel compelled to do everything we can to help our community. We want to let the cyber security community know that Gurucul has made a decision to invest in securing data for enterprises for free.

Gurucul has setup a COVID-19 Threat Research Lab as a dedicated team of analysts and data scientists who are researching COVID-19 cyber threat patterns with a customer consortium. We have focused our data science and R&D teams to package machine learning behavior models specifically tailored to address threats related to the majority of the workforce working remotely.

Gurucul is offering the below services free of charge during this global pandemic. This is a heartfelt initiative, our way of giving back to the cyber security community.

Securing Data with a Remote Workforce

Gurucul has built a solution package specifically to address threats related to the remote workforce. This includes a dedicated dashboard and supervised models trained on the changes in behavior patterns seen over the last few weeks. It also provides unsupervised models pre-configured to use feature datasets for the most common and relevant data sources such as VPN, Office 365, AWS, Proxy and PAM. This solution package provides a significant jumpstart to put advanced threat detection controls in place to quickly adapt to these unforeseen changes in IT and the business landscape.

With this free service, companies will be able to get real-time risk prioritized actionable insights:

  • Get visibility into corporate data with a remote workforce
  • Identify users who are at risk from phishing attacks
  • Identify users accessing resources from untrusted or unsecure locations
  • Detect and stop data exfiltration
  • Highlight and prevent privileged access abuse
  • Identify users whose accounts may have been compromised
  • Detect and prevent account sharing
Remote Third Party Workforce Service

This service helps companies manage the remote employees and contractors of Third Party Service Providers. Gurucul’s rich behavior analytics and machine-learning allows you to quickly create a behavioral baseline for your Service Provider’s remote workers enabling you to identify and respond to any suspicious activity or threat. It provides visibility into remote workers’ VPN activities.

The Gurucul Remote Third Party Workforce Service’s Prepacked Solution for COVID-19 provides:

  • Risk Analytics Dashboard specifically designed to identify risks associated with deviations from the Service Provider’s Employees/Contractors’ VPN activities and remote connections. The Risk Analytics Dashboard can be customized by your security analyst based on any attribute.
  • Workflows to ensure alerts and threat information gets channeled to the right individuals on your teams.
Discover & Manage Access Risks in This Global Pandemic

The Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has forced organizations to operate in new and unforeseen ways, suddenly, in a reactive manner, with enormous impact to employee and customer access. Dealing with remote workers, a surge in temporary workers, headcount reductions, and a staggering demand for staff in some industries has radically impacted access controls across the board. This unprecedented time has forced organizations to make overnight access changes to their borderless work environments, introducing a new set of identity and access issues. Traditional IAM controls may not be effective in this new borderless emergency workforce state. The fastest and most efficient way to get actionable insights into your access risks with highest efficacy is by using machine learning and artificial intelligence to perform identity analytics on this “new normal”.

With this free service, companies will be able to get real-time visibility into access risks and automate dynamic provisioning/deprovisioning decisions with machine learning and AI:

  • VPN Access Monitoring
  • Dynamic Provisioning for Temporary Workers
  • Privileged Access Intelligence
  • SoD Intelligence
  • Risky Account Discovery & Clean-up
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