Join Us at FS-ISAC Americas Spring Summit

March 27-30, 2022 | Orlando, FL

Protect Financial Services Assets, Data, and IP from Internal & External Attacks


Lessons Learned from Operational Insider Threat Programs
Tuesday, March 29 | 3:45 – 4:30 PM

Join Gurucul’s CEO and a customer panel for a discussion on lessons learned operationalizing Insider Threat Programs. With proven strategies and tactics, organizations can get to the point where they are able to remediate insider threats in real-time or at least before data is exfiltrated.

Meet With Us in Our Booth

Much has changed in the last year and not just with the pandemic.  Visit us at our booth to find out:

  • Why Gartner has positioned Gurucul as a Visionary in the 2021 Gartner SIEM Magic Quadrant
  • How our analytics are even more advanced with AI and ML
  • How Gurucul’s solutions are helping financial institutions worldwide with the most advanced analytics in detecting true incidents quickly and proactively halting threat actors in flight – before data exfiltration or business disruption can occur

Get a demo, meet with our executives, learn more! Email to schedule a specific time to meet with us.

Learn How We Uniquely Secure Financial Services Organizations

Gurucul has spent over 10 years building open security analytical models and a true self-training machine learning engine deployed as a cloud-native SaaS security operations platform.

  • Collect data from any type of source, without escalating costs due to licensing and storage
  • Consolidate, Correlate and Normalize all security context into a single console
  • Automatically detect threats out-of-the-box and in real-time
  • Reduce noise and eliminate false positives by prioritizing context-driven investigations
  • Enable automated risk-driven response delivered in targeted Playbooks

Gurucul is uniquely positioned to optimize Financial Services security team’s efficiency, regardless of skillset and significantly reduce resource and operational costs over time, while preventing damage to the business.

Stop Threats Earlier in the Kill Chain

Supercharge your Security Operations with Gurucul’s Threat Detection, Investigation and Response (TDIR) Platform. Get:

  • Full Visibility Without Escalating Costs
  • Depth of Analytics for Advanced Detection
  • Increased Operational Efficiency and Improved ROI
  • Automated Eradication of Threats
Not Attending FS-ISAC?

If you’re not attending FS-ISAC in person this year, we still want to hear from you! Please contact us to book a meeting at a time that’s convenient to you. Cyber threats are 300 times as likely to target the broader financial services industry as companies in other sectors. We are here to help.