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With Behavior Analytics

Download Whitepaper – “Best Practices for Implementing an Insider Threat Program”

The Insider Threat is a major cyber security challenge for many Small to Medium Enterprises (SME). Insiders are already within the perimeter, which makes them much harder to detect and prevent. Worse, a malicious insider already knows exactly where to find the most valuable information, so they can access an SME organization’s most sensitive data with little risk of being stopped or caught.

Gurucul Predicts, Detects, and Stops Insider Threats in Real-Time

The most effective way to detect insider threats, without generating high volumes of false positive alerts, is to create time-based behavioral baselines and continuously learn what is acceptable behavior in order to detect anomalies. This requires monitoring and analyzing massive amounts of data from a myriad of sources using advanced machine learning models and data science to pinpoint privilege abuse. This is what Gurucul does, in real time, with exceptional accuracy.

Insider Threat Program Expertise

Our experience working with hundreds of customers all around the world has given us proven strategies and tactics for implementing an insider threat program. With the right technology platform, and the right approach, you can have a successful program too. Download our whitepaper for details: Best Practices for Implementing an Insider Threat Program. Or, contact us for immediate assistance.

SC Awards Europe 2020
SC Awards Europe 2020

Recognized for Best Behaviour Analytics/Enterprise Threat Detection

2020 Cyber Defense Infosec Award
2020 Cyber Defense Infosec Award

Best Product for Insider Threat Prevention

Fortress Cyber Security Award 2020
Fortress Cyber Security Award 2020

Recognized for Best Security Analytics