2024 KuppingerCole Leadership Compass for Intelligent SIEM

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2024 Leadership Compass for Intelligent SIEM

Gurucul positioned as an overall I-SIEM leader sweeping all product, innovation and market leadership ratings

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About the Intelligent SIEM Leadership Compass

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Traditional SIEM solutions have become increasingly difficult to sustain, calling their value into question. This has given rise to their successor, often referred to as a Next-Gen or Intelligent SIEM.

“Modern SIEM systems are quite different to their predecessors, taking advantage of several key technological advancements.”

Warwich Ashford, KuppingerCole Senior Analyst

The KuppingerCole 2024 I-SIEM Leadership Compass is designed to help SecOps professionals map their requirements to capabilities of specific Intelligent SIEM vendor offerings.

The report evaluates these modern SIEM solutions based on extensive capabilities, factoring in product maturity, innovation and market share.

I-SIEM Leadership Compass Evaluation Criteria:

  • Works well across on-premises, cloud, multi-cloud, and hybrid cloud environments.
  • Integrates well with all data sources, intelligence sources, and existing security technologies.
  • Facilitates relatively quick and easy implementations.
  • Collects and parses security data from multiple sources in various formats.
  • Enriches collected data with additional context from external threat intelligence feeds.
  • Applies data analytics and machine learning algorithms to detect patterns and outliers in the collected data to identify previously unknown threats and suspicious activities.
  • Provides built-in or tightly integrated tools for incident response and threat remediation.

Why Gurucul’s Next-Gen SIEM Was Named an Overall Leader

In the 2024 KuppingerCole I-SIEM Leader Compass Gurucul received the highest “Strong Positive” rating for Security, Functionality, Deployment, Interoperability and Usability.
KuppingerCole Leadership Compass Intelligent SIEM

Gurucul’s Strengths, as Identified by KuppingerCole:

  • Strong and mature UEBA and security analytics capabilities supported by ML/DL.
  • Rapid and unlimited data collection, including cloud, identity systems, and IoT devices.
  • Context-driven threat hunting and attack investigation.
  • Good support for hybrid-cloud, multi-cloud, and geographically distributed environments.
  • Federated search across distributed architectures and a wide range of storage models.
  • Automated data parsing.
  • Attack chain identification capability across a wide range of security telemetry