KuppingerCole Report – Gurucul Risk Analytics

KuppingerCole Report – Gurucul Risk Analytics


  by: Mike Small  | February 2016


Gurucul Risk Analytics provides an interesting approach that combines access governance, risk management and the detection of cyber threats. Unlike other solutions that focus on network traffic or technical vulnerabilities this solution focuses on identity, access and user activity to detect and prioritize risk.

Table of Contents

  •  Introduction
  •  Product Description
    • Predictive Identity Based Behaviour Anomaly Engine™
      • Access Analytics Platform™ (AAP)
      • Cloud Analytics Platform™ (CAP)
      • Threat Analytics Platform™ (TAP)
      • Multiple Dashboards
      • Deployment Options
    • Essential Characteristics
      • Access Governance
      • Multiple sources of data
      • Access Analytics
      • Security Intelligence
      • Automated response, remediation and recovery
      • Scalability
      • Integration
  • Strengths and Challenges

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