AST Announces 2020 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Award Finalists

The Annual ‘ASTORS’ Awards Program is specifically designed to honor distinguished government and vendor solutions that deliver enhanced value, benefit and intelligence to end users in a variety of government, homeland security and public safety vertical markets.

The ‘ASTORS’ Awards are the preeminent U. S. Homeland Security Awards Program highlighting the most cutting-edge and forward-thinking security solutions coming onto the market today, to ensure our readers have the information they need to keep our Nation safe – one facility, street, and city at a time.

Over 200 distinguished guests were honored in their respective fields at the 2019 ‘ASTORS’ Awards Presentation at ISC East.

In the midst of extensive COVID-19 travel restrictions across the United States, health and safety concerns due to the pandemic, as well as public unrest throughout our nation’s cities as protests continue, it is unfortunately not viable to meet in person for the event this event this year.

As a means to help connect the community and to recognize the hard work and achievements of security and public safety professionals and leaders this year, the 2020 ‘ ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards Presentation will be made online.

AST would like to express our deepest gratitude to our ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards Program Premier Sponors for your continued committment and support.

Please know we look forward to seeing you at the 2012 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Presentations Luncheon, which will take place in New York City on Wednesday November 17th, 2021.

And the 2020 ‘ASTORS’ Finalists Are…

Gurucul Risk Analytics

Gurucul was also recognized in the 2019, 2018 and 2016 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards Programs.

(Learn about Gurucul Analytics solutions that provides Actionable Risk Intelligence to protect against targeted attacks.)

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