EU Cyber-Response Team Deployed


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The EU has deployed the newly formed Cyber Rapid-Response Team to Ukraine

The European Union’s newly formed Cyber Rapid-Response Team (CRRT) has been deployed to Ukraine to aid in combat against Russian threat actors.

In a tweet yesterday, the Lithuanian Ministry of Defence confirmed the CRRT is to be deployed at the request of the Ukrainian government.

Lithuania will sit at the head of a coalition of six EU countries including Poland, Estonia, Croatia, Romania, and the Netherlands with the goal of “helping Ukrainian institutions to cope with growing cyber-threats.”

The move follows a series of cyberattacks traced to Russia hitting Ukraine and an estimated 190,000 troops gathering on the countries’ shared border.

Jon Andrews, VP of EMEA at Gurucul, said this move might prove essential to protect Ukrainian critical infrastructure from cyberattacks.

“It’s becoming more and more clear that cyber-attacks have become an integral part of nation-states’ weapon arsenal.

A combination of experts from multiple different cultures and backgrounds is a fantastic idea to try and counteract cyberwarfare, as culture is an often-overlooked element when it comes to defending infrastructure from cyberattacks”.

EU Cyber-Response Team Deployed

EU Cyber-Response Team Deployed
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