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IBM’s recent announcement of its 5th annual Cyber Resilient Organization Report, conducted by the Ponemon Institute.

Key findings from the report:
  • More orgs (26%) have adopted formal, enterprise-wide security response plans over the past 5 years, compared to 18% of respondents in 2015.
  • Amongst those with a formal security response plan, only 1/3 (17% of respondents) had also developed specific playbooks for common attack types.
  • The # of security tools used has a negative impact; orgs that use 50+ security tools ranked themselves 8% lower in their ability to detect, and 7% lower in their ability to respond to an attack, compared to those with less tools.
  • Over the past two years, only 39% of companies with a formal security response plan in place experienced a disruptive security incident, compared to 62% of those with less formal plans.
Saryu Nayyar
Saryu Nayyar, CEO, Gurucul | JulY 1, 2020

Overloading security analysts with too much information is a known issue. 

There are some interesting takeaways from the latest Cyber Resilient Organization Report, done by Ponemon for IBM. While readiness and responsiveness is improving, and organizations that have implemented a formal response plan are seeing less disruption, work is still needed in other areas.

Many organizations still need to formalize their incident response plans and bring their cybersecurity posture up to date. Too few organizations have playbooks in place to react to an incident in a consistent manner. Perhaps worse, some organizations have found that simply adding additional security tools to the mix has actually reduced their effectiveness.

Overloading security analysts with too much information is a known issue. This is why we recommend bringing all of the disparate data feeds into a single place with advanced security analytics, where that flood of information can be consolidated, normalized, analyzed, and presented to the responders in a risk-prioritized manner that lets them focus on the most relevant threats, and facilitates additional automation to reduce their load.


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