Free Security Analytics Helps Fight Remote Worker Threats

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We’ve seen many companies offering free software during the current crisis. Now security and risk analytics company Gurucul is launching two free services to help organizations protect themselves against cyberattacks that target their remote workers and third-party identities.

These deliver the Gurucul Unified Security and Risk Analytics platform as a cloud service with pre-configured and tuned algorithms that can detect unusual and high risk behavior patterns exhibited by remote workers as well as third party identities and devices.

“COVID-19 has forced organizations to implement work from home policies virtually overnight, leaving them no time to change and deploy new controls for securing data accessed by remote workers and to protect against third party risk. This has created many new security challenges including a massive attack surface of personal use devices that have access to confidential corporate resources,” says Saryu Nayyar, CEO of Gurucul. “Using our free cloud-delivered security analytics services, organizations can instantly protect their most sensitive data from threats that attempt to exploit employee and third-party service provider identities and devices.”

The services offer real-time visibility and actionable insights into remote workforce and third-party activity affecting protected data. They can identify users who are at risk from phishing attacks, and/or accessing resources from untrusted or insecure locations, as well as detecting and stopping data exfiltration. In addition they can discover and prevent privileged access abuse, identify users whose accounts may have been compromised and detect and prevent account sharing.

The services are free until State COVID-19 work-at-home mandates are lifted. Gurucul has also paused all product license metering globally for existing customers.

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