Government Security News announces Winners and Finalists in the 2016 Homeland Security Awards Program – Dec. 19, 2016 – Government Security News is pleased to announce the Winners and Finalists in its 8th annual Homeland Security Awards Program, and to thank the indefatigable Chuck Brooks and his team for serving as expert judges with great distinction. Not surprisingly, Chuck Brooks is once again the odds-on favorite to become the “Cybersecurity Marketer of the Year”.

It is similarly no surprise, in light of what took place in the recent Presidential election, that the subject of Cybersecurity attracted more entries in the 2016 Awards Program than any other topic.

On a very important note on the subject of Cybersecurity, Government Security News would like to take this opportunity to salute Brigadier General (retired) Gregory Touhill, who has been named as the First Federal Chief Information Officer of the United States. He was previously the Deputy Assistant Secretary, Office of Cybersecurity and Communications, National Programs and Protection Directorate, Department of Homeland Security. Additionally, he was Chief Information Officer and Director of Command, Control, Communications and Cyber Systems at the U.S. Transportation Command. In 2014, General Touhill authored a book titled “Cybersecurity for Executives.”

Before moving on to the announcement of Winners and Finalists, I would like to share with everyone the comments that Chuck Brooks made about the quality of the entries in the Awards Program, which I believe described this year’s Awards perfectly. His comments also explain why you will see a number of categories which have more than one Winner. In Mr Brooks’ words:

“These are my general perceptions of the Awards: Each year the quality and scope of the submissions makes it more difficult to judge. They are all deserving. There are no inferior security products or services that I evaluated – they are all stellar. The approaches and methods sometimes differ among the entries and that is largely because they are highly focused on their specific client needs. As to the government entries, these submissions exemplify the best in public/private cooperation. Government is moving rapidly into the digital era and integrating technologies, processes and accordingly new mandates of their government agencies and programs.”

With that introduction from Mr. Brooks, here are the 2016 Government Security News Winners and Finalists:

Category #1: Vendors of IT Security Products and Solutions

Judging in this category is based on a combination of:

  • Increase in client organization’s security
  • Technological innovation or improvement
  • Filling a recognized government IT security need
  • Flexibility of solution to meet current and future organizational needs

Best User & Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) Solution

• Amplivox – Finalist

• Identive – Finalist

• FLIR – Finalist

• Rave Mobile Security – Finalist

• Gurucul – Winner

Best Industrial Cybersecurity Solution

• Aperio – Winner

• Claroty – Finalist

• Darktrace – Winner

• Indegy – Winner

Best Application Security Solution

• Waratek – Winner

Best Multifactor Authentication Solution

• No entries

Best Anti-Malware Solution

• Blue Ridge – Winner

• Bromium – Winner

• Passages – Finalist

Best Identity Management Platform

• Centrify – Winner

• Forum Systems – Finalist

• HID Global – Winner

Best Enterprise File Solution

• No entries

Best Compliance/Vulnerability Assessment Solution

• Netwrix Corporation – Finalist

• Risk Vision – Finalist

• Solar Winds – Winner

• Wombat – Finalist

Best Cyber Operational Risk Intelligence

• Red Seal – Winner

Best Data Security/Loss Management Solution

• Spiron – WInner

Best Email Security and Integrity Solution

• Wombat Security Technologies – Winner

Best Endpoint Detection and Response Solution

• Bromium – Winner

• Illusive Networks – Winner

• Tychon – Finalists

Best Forensic Software

• No Entries

Best Big Data Analytics Solution

• Securiport – Winner

Best Threat Intelligence Solution

• Securiport – Winner

Best Network Security/Enterprise Firewall

• Forcepoint – Winner

• ViaSat – Finalist

Best Physical Logical Privileged Access Management Solution

• Beyond Trust – Winner

• Centrify Corporation – Finalist

• Cyber Ark – Finalist

• EKUSA – Finalist

• Forum Systems – Finalist

• Identive – Winner

Best Continuous Monitoring and Mitigation Solution

• Cyber Ark – Winner

• Darktrace – Winner

• Netwrix – Finalist

• Passages – Finalist

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