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Gurucul, a provider in unified security and risk analytics technology for on-premises and the cloud, is releasing two free services to help organizations protect themselves against COVID-19 cyber attacks that target their remote workers.

“COVID-19 has forced organizations to implement work from home policies virtually overnight, leaving them no time to change and deploy new controls for securing data accessed by remote workers and to protect against third party risk. This has created many new security challenges including a massive attack surface of personal use devices that have access to confidential corporate resources,” said Saryu Nayyar, CEO of Gurucul. “Using our free cloud-delivered security analytics services, organizations can instantly protect their most sensitive data from threats that attempt to exploit employee and third-party service provider identities and devices.”

These offerings deliver the Gurucul Unified Security and Risk Analytics platform as a cloud service with pre-configured and tuned algorithms that can detect unusual and high risk behavior patterns exhibited by remote workers as well as third party identities and devices.

In addition, Gurucul has paused all product licenses metering globally until state work-at-home mandates are lifted to support existing customers that want to extend monitoring to remote employees and mitigate third party risk associated with service providers, contractors and partners.

The company has assembled a dedicated “Gurucul COVID-19 Threat Research Lab” or “GC-Lab” composed of analysts and data scientists who are researching COVID-19 cyber risk threat patterns in collaboration with a customer consortium. GC-Lab has built a solution package specifically to address COVID-19 threats to remote workforces and third party risk, which includes a dedicated dashboard and supervised models trained on the changes in behavior patterns seen over the past several weeks.

The Gurucul COVID-19 analytics package also provides unsupervised models pre-configured to use feature datasets for several relevant data sources such as VPN, Email Gateways, DLP, AWS CloudTrail and online document repositories for services like Office 365 SharePoint, OneDrive, Google Drive and, GitHub, Proxy and privileged access management (PAM).

It enables organizations to implement advanced COVID-19 threat detection controls immediately and is available to all existing customers and packaged in the remote workforce monitoring solutions for employee and third party providers.

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