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Saryu Nayyar is CEO of Gurucul. She saId this must be a hacker with a sense of humor, although the actual loss of data is by no means funny.

“It’s ironic that the trading app Robinhood was hacked, with the possible loss of information on up to 7 million users in a ransomware attack,” she said. “After all, the historical Robin Hood was renowned for robbing from the rich and giving to the poor. We’re guessing that those who did the hack aren’t going to give it to the poor.”

It remains to be seen which group is responsible, and whether Robinhood paid the ransom, so this remains a developing story, Nayyar said.

“And while it’s not easy to hack millions of records out of a system, it seems to happen on almost a daily basis these days,” she said. “Legitimate customers deserve better protection than they seem to be getting these days.”

Ironic Hack

Ironic Hack
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