IT Employees Are Biggest Security Risk

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According to Gurucul, a cybersecurity firm, recent research was undertaken on almost five hundred (500) IT security professionals revealed that twenty-four percent (24%) of them could steal vital information from their present companies to assist them in seeking a job from a competitor.

Notably, the survey undertaken covered cybersecurity personnel, and this shows how dire the situation is if IT employees are underappreciated and underpaid.

IT employees play a sensitive role in any institution and should, therefore, be recognized as the custodian of information that may be wanted by bad actors.

Many stakeholders seem not to comprehend this reality because IT employees are usually undervalued, just like intelligence and diplomatic personnel. This can be depicted by the fact that some IT staff might be among the lowest-paid in the company despite the vital tasks undertaken.

IT employees should be affirmed

Many institutions tend to dismiss IT employees to remote spots of the office, or entirely to a different office block.

As a result, this makes IT personnel isolated culturally, socially, and physically from the other company’s employees. This may make them have low morale and angry.

These traits are dangerous as they make IT employees vulnerable to bribery antics and various human intelligence tactics, especially for those who desire for an ego boost, sex, friendship or money.

Companies should, therefore, not be oblivious to the critical information held by IT employees because underappreciating and underpaying them can be detrimental.

Notably, they have access to an institution’s trade secrets and most valuable proprietary information.

An IT employee who may break bad can trigger dire consequences, such as data breaches, to a company.

Companies should, therefore, not be oblivious to the vital information held by IT employees. Conversely, Tech companies recently called for face recognition regulation.

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