RSA 2020 – What Are They Talking About?

Cybersecurity professionals are heading to San Francisco for the most anticipated event of the year
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With one of the most anticipated cybersecurity events of the year just around the corner, we thought to help you navigate around the 700 exhibiting vendors we’d highlight some of what a handful of those companies will be talking at the show.

‘The Human Element’ is the theme of RSA Conference 2020, but there is also a lot of noise around issues and challenges surrounding election security, open source tools, product security and anti-fraud. So, what are some of the vendors talking about:

Edgescan has released its fifth Vulnerability Stats Report looking at the state of full stack security in 2019, based on tens of thousands global assessments. The report has revealed that, in 2019, it took organisations an average of 50.55 days (nearly eight weeks) to remediate critical risk vulnerabilities for public internet facing web applications and 49.26 days for internet facing network layer critical risk vulnerabilities. It also found that high or critical risk vulnerabilities in external facing web applications had significantly increased from 19.2 per cent in 2018 to 34.78 per cent in 2019. Hard copies of the report are available on the edgescan stand in the South Expo, Booth: #3316.

comforte AG (Booth #5671-12 in the North Hall at the German Pavilion) be discussing how the “human element” is such a significant factor in most of today’s data breaches and how, with data-centric security, organizations can address this risk and meet critical compliance requirements. comforte AG has a track record of securing mission-critical environments at some of the world’s biggest financial services and retail brands and their data security experts are happy to share their insights on the following:

  • Why it is essential to secure data itself and not just the perimeter around it
  • How to secure data without giving up its analytical value
  • How to implement a data-centric security approach

OneLogin’s Security Squad will be on hand on Booth #2133 to demonstrate how visitors can leverage its Trusted Experience Platform to build secure, scalable and smart experiences that connect people with technology. The Trusted Experience Platform enables enterprise users to connect all of their applications, leverage OneLogin’s proprietary machine learning to identify and analyse potential threats and act quickly using contextual authentication requirements.

Gurucul (Booth: #2027) will be talking in detail about “Risk Scoring the Human Element” with regular presentations three times an hour. The presentations will explain how Gurucul risk scores behaviour with Unified Security and Risk Analytics, and why risk scoring matters to provide insights from customer deployments. It’s behaviour based security analystics and intelligence detaects and prevents risky, anomalous behaviour by malicious or external hackers. There is also the chance to find out your risk score by taking a short survey that looks at how risky you are for your business.

Synopsys will release a major update to the Polaris Software Integrity Platform to extend its static application security testing (SAST) and software composition analysis (SCA) capabilities to the developer’s desktop through the native integration of the Code Sight IDE plugin. These capabilities, the first of their kind, will enable developers to proactively find and fix both security weaknesses in proprietary code and known vulnerabilities in open source dependencies simultaneously, without leaving their interactive development environment (IDE). Synopsys will showcase these new capabilities at RSA Conference 2020, Booth S-1135.

Outpost24’s experts will be discussing how to move beyond component assessment of devices, networks, applications, data, and users into full stack cyber security assessment. New to its booth for 2020, it will be introducing and demonstrating a new wireless security solution, Pwn Pulse, the company’s full threat detection tool for discovery and monitoring of wireless devices and rogue access points. There is also a prize draw on Outpost24’s booth: 3424 to win a Pwn Pulse and one year subscription.

One Identity (Booth: #6271) will demonstrate the importance of managing identity governance and administration (IGA), privileged access management (PAM), and Active Directory (AD) account lifecycle management through a range of activities at the 2020 RSA Conference. Most notably, One Identity Open Source Evangelist Peter Czanik will outline how the open source Sudo utility can be leveraged for PAM functions in a Linux/Unix environment. A separate session led by One Identity’s IAM Evangelist Todd Peterson will highlight the importance of placing identity at the centre of a security strategy

Plixer (Booth #1335 South Hall) will be discussing the pillars of a modern security operations centre (SOC), how providing security and network intelligence supports fast and efficient incident response. Demonstrations will be taking place on the booth and you can book a slot here.

AT&T Cybersecurity (Booth #6245 in the North Hall) is showcasing a large touch screen that will display a graphic slider to help attendees understand the security implications of 5G and IoT in a visual and intuitive way. Since the rollout of 5G helps brings the vision of IoT to life, delivering services in near-real-time organisations will face increasing pressures to control who comes in and out of their networks. Enterprises cannot risk connecting devices first and providing security later; therefore, a holistic, dynamic, and automated approach to cybersecurity will be key to helping protect data, assets, and the network overall.

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