1 In 10 People Would Take Company Information When Leaving a Job

Gurucul Survey Highlights Threat of Insider Attacks as 15% of People Would Delete Files or Change Passwords Before Exiting a Company

LOS ANGELES – July 1, 2019 – 1 in 10 people have admitted they would take as much company information with them as possible before leaving their job. A recent survey conducted by Gurucul, a leader in behavior analytics technology for on-premises and the cloud, of more than 320 IT security experts, found that 15 percent of people said they would delete files or change passwords upon exiting a company.

Most organizations place their focus on defending against and detecting external cyberattacks. However, a more insidious threat is on the rise. Information security professionals say that insider attacks are far more difficult to detect and prevent than external attacks, making them a big concern for companies.

With identities and entitlements often in a state of excess due to manual processes built upon static identity management rules and roles, it is more common than not that users inside the perimeter have access to information they do not need for their job. This gives them the capability to perform abusive tasks within the company. However, insider threats are not always caused by users within the organization. They can also occur when credentials of employees are shared or compromised, which often goes undetected.

“Gurucul mitigates these insider attacks is by employing behavioral analytics,” said Craig Cooper, COO of Gurucul. “By combining user and entity behavior analytics, and identity analytics, companies can not only monitor, detect and remove excess access before it is too late, but they can also monitor employee actions by detecting unusual or risky behavior. By detecting when users are acting in ways that contradict their normal behavior and job function, our customers are able to intervene.”

With breakthroughs in behavioral analysis technology, organizations are beginning to make the most of its enormous capabilities, changing the way we look at both insider threat program and employee welfare on a global scale.

For more information about how Gurucul can defend against insider risk see https://gurucul.com/solutions/insider-threat.

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