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18 May: RSA 2023 Survey Reveals the Biggest SIEM Challenges Facing the SOC Today

Gurucul’s survey found SOC analysts have issues with data ingestion, analytics, threat detection, and response.

15 May: The Evolution From SIEM to Next-Gen SIEM

The rise of sophisticated cyberattacks, increasing data volume, and the adoption of multi-cloud environments led to the evolution of Next-Gen SIEM.

03 May: What Is SIEM? Discover How It Works and Key Capabilities

By collecting and analyzing data from across an organization’s entire computing environment, a SIEM enables security teams to identify and respond…

01 May: Zero to SIEM in Seconds Part 4: Respond in Seconds

It all winds up here at the final part of the SOC lifecycle, Respond in…

23 Apr: What Is Cyber Security Analytics?

Security analytics is a proactive approach to cybersecurity that correlates and analyzes data to detect anomalies and unusual user and entity behavior that may indicate cyber threats.

17 Apr: Zero to SIEM in Seconds Part 3: Investigate in Seconds

Investigate in Seconds is Part 3 in the “Zero to SIEM in Seconds” blog series….

31 Mar: The Future of XDR in Security Operations

In this blog we talk about the future of XDR in Security Operations. What does…

22 Mar: Zero to SIEM in Seconds Part 2: Detect in Seconds

Detect in Seconds is Part 2 in our series of blog posts on going from Zero…

10 Mar: What is UEBA and How Does It Work?

UEBA analyzes the behavior of users and machine entities using ML algorithms and other analytics to build a baseline of what is normal activity and behavior.