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Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

Expert 24/7 Service to Augment Your Security Operations Team


Organizations need to evolve their security programs to keep up with business needs and regulatory requirements. SOC teams struggle to hire and retain the right talent, preventing them from maturing their security program. Security teams need expertise, processes, and strategy to ensure no disruption to their business.



Gurucul MDR services collects and analyzes logs, network, user, cloud, endpoint, and IoT data to identify and respond to advanced attacks in real-time. It offers a full threat detection, investigation, and response (TDIR) service to help clients improve their security program. Conversely, traditional MDR services focus on the endpoint, which is just one side of the equation. MDR provides the human element required to proactively hunt across all threat vectors. Gurucul MDR provides the following:

  • Seamless Collection and Ingestion of Any Source for Analysis.
  • Rapid Scaling of Services On-Demand.
  • Unified and Consolidate Visibility into Your Entire Infrastructure.
  • Real-Time Detection with Included Threat Models and Tuning Services.
  • Risk-Ranked Response Actions Through Dynamic Playbook Creation.
  • Customized Reporting for Compliance and Auditing.


  • Augment your security personnel with our 24×7 security operations team
  • Seamlessly drop into your existing security stack with over 450 bi-directional integrations
  • Unify visibility while eliminating the need to create and manage data collectors, parsers and rules
  • Identify risks and potential threats in real-time before a damage can be done to your business
  • Reduce investigation time with complete attack context and dynamic risk-scoring
  • Meet regulatory compliance objectives with included templates and customized reporting


External, Internal, Cloud Incident Collection and Monitoring

Detect and Respond to Threats in Real-Time

Gurucul incorporates the most advanced set of identity analytics into our solution, which goes beyond just Active Directory information. It baselines, monitors, and analyzes access privileges, entitlements, and even peer comparisons to detect credential-based attacks. You get a deep view into both internal and external threats much earlier in the kill chain to prevent damage.

Host and Device Compromise Detection

Detect Host / Device Compromises

ML and AI-driven analytics help detect and predict APT attacks and data exfiltration through entity-centric anomaly detection and correlation of various parameters. Correlate a wide range of parameters including endpoint security alerts, vulnerability scan results, risk levels of users and accounts, targets accessed, packet level inspection of the requested payloads, and more.

Achieving Compliance Objectives

Achieve Security Compliance Objectives

Comply with mandated regulatory compliance requirements beyond threat detection and response. This includes PCI, SOX, HIPAA, MITRE, GDPR, log storage, auditing, forensics, and reporting.

Privileged Access Violations and Insider Threat Monitoring

Monitor for Insider Threats and Privileged Access Violations

Identify privileged access violations by finding gaps in access policies and/or stolen credentials. Detect identity-based access violations based on external and internal threats. Our solutions leverages other telemetry and analytics to identify insider threats including activity such as data exfiltration.

Automating Incident Response

Automate Incident Response

To prevent damage, security teams must detect and respond to threats rapidly. However, threat actors often know when they have been detected, causing them to accelerate their efforts. Gurucul SOAR enables security teams to automate response actions, reducing MTTR for common security threats, like phishing, malware, denial of service, web defacement and ransomware to minutes or hours versus days, weeks, or months.


Top Security Detections

Respond to Successful Phishing Attacks

Phishing Compromises

The Gurucul platform adapts in real-time to detect and capture new variants of known phishing attacks. Dynamic machine learning models detect how phishing attacks are structured and where their behaviors exhibit malicious intent. Gurucul’s algorithms monitor and identify emails and other data that doesn’t fit into the normal discourse for individual users.

Prevent Successful Ransomware

Ransomware Attacks

Gurucul’s risk analytics engine stops the malicious payload at download. Even if the fileless malware were to successfully download onto an endpoint, the additional steps of running scripts and running exploits and attacks in memory can be stopped.

Partner Account Compromise

Supply Chain/Partner Attacks

Identify high-risk profiles with risk-based analytics, data mining, anomaly, and behavior detection. Help security teams by creating a baseline using profiling attributes from HR records, events, access repository, log management solutions and more. This enables manufacturers to easily detect and predict abnormal supply-chain partner behavior associated with potential sabotage, data theft or misuse.

Account Compromise

Account Compromise

Identity-based account compromise attacks have become the primary mechanism for successful breaches by threat actor groups targeting organizations. Gurucul provides pre-packaged supervised machine learning (ML) models trained to detect these types of attacks. These models are not signature-based but rather “trained” on real-world threat data sets.

Data Exfiltration and IP Protection

IP and PII Theft

Safeguarding sensitive data, like Intellectual Property (IP) and protecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII) has become more important than ever to avoid compliance issues (e.g., GDPR, HIPAA, and so forth), financial losses, and reputational damage. Gurucul’s analytics-driven SIEM increases the efficacy of security alerts, helps automate incident investigation, and more.



Gurucul is a leader in security analytics with multiple awards in the Next Generation SIEM market. Our MDR service combines machine learning, behavioral analytics, and threat intelligence to eliminate manual effort in detecting and responding to cyber threats. Our service provides comprehensive visibility into user and entity behaviors to help organizations strengthen their security posture and safeguard digital assets. Gurucul also offers a mature risk engine for prioritization and scoring.


Managed Detection & Response (MDR) Datasheet

Managed Detection & Response (MDR) Datasheet