Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR)
Where High-Fidelity Detections Meet Risk Prioritized, Automated Response

Stop wasting time on busy work and focus on what matters most—stopping threats.

Gurucul REVEAL's built-in Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR) module automates incident response, prioritizes high-risk threats, and integrates seamlessly with your existing tools.

Get faster detections, reduced dwell time, and build a more efficient security team.

Prioritize Response with Precision

Gurucul’s SOAR solution empowers security teams to swiftly prioritize and accurately respond to real threats. Automating threat detection, triage, and response workflows to enhance SOC efficiency. 

Advanced analytics and machine learning inform a dynamic risk engine, normalizing risk scores from 0-100 to focus on the most critical threats. 

The Gurucul SOAR solution integrates with downstream security solutions to block, disable or isolate risky users and entities to minimize risk.

Fast Track Investigations with Full Context

The Gurucul SOAR solution expedites the investigation process with a complete view of all relevant context, enriched by threat intelligence and made accessible via holistic timelines.  

It integrates with an extensive number of IT and security tools to link and aggregate activities and data, providing a unified and contextual understanding of security incidents. 

The investigative capabilities, including automated data collection, analysis, and reporting, enable teams to swiftly identify risk and take prompt action.

Cover Every Use Case and Customize to Your Business

Gurucul SOAR is ready from day one with built-in response playbooks to address a wide spectrum of security use cases, encompassing incident response, threat hunting, vulnerability management, and compliance reporting. 

The flexible and customizable design allows organizations to tailor the solution to their specific security requirements and workflows. Customers can add micro playbook services to standard processes, which can be linked together in workflows to allow for different remediation paths.  This enables customers to reuse SOAR workflow components once they are built, which is a huge time saver.

Powered by REVEAL: The Dynamic Security Analytics Platform

REVEAL is the visionary security platform that delivers radical clarity into your cyber risk and drastically reduces data costs. It’s a unified suite of capabilities and tools that uncover true threats and quantify risks in real-time—regardless of the data source, across the entire IT estate.

REVEAL gives security teams the visibility, focus, and perspective they need to outpace threats and focus on what matters most.

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SOAR Use Cases

Contextual Incident Investigation, Forensics and Threat Hunting

Unlike existing solutions like SIEM and XDR, which require manual investigation and threat hunting, the Gurucul REVEAL security analytics platform is able to automate the collection and correlation of analyzed events and link together seemingly disparate events and even individual threats to fully formulate the scope of the attack campaign. 

Surgical and Automated Containment of Threats

By understanding assets, users, identity, and even application usage, Gurucul SOAR  can provide more precise response actions for quarantining users, hosts, or applications at a granular level instead of negatively impacting resource availability through broad and less customized actions.

Vulnerability Management, Patching and Remediation

As the Gurucul REVEAL security analytics platform identifies and quantifies risks through our enterprise risk engine and built-in intelligence,  it can also pull in vulnerability and external threat intelligence data. This allows the SOC to align patching and remediation efforts with active threats. Once these actions are completed, the organization is then protected from potential follow-on attacks and certain variants that continue to exploit unpatched vulnerabilities. 

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