April 10, 2024

SIEM Augmentation: It’s Time to Up Your SIEM Game

In this webinar we’ll cover how you can improve your security operations efficiency by augmenting your SIEM to reduce dwell time. Learn more about the four pillars for augmenting your SIEM:
1) Better Security Visibility: Whether it is cloud, SaaS or some challenging format, we make even the most difficult data easy to ingest and 450+ integrations.
2) High-fidelity Threat Detections: Move past static rule-based correlation models with Machine Learning-powered analytics and OOTB threat content.
3) Faster Investigations & Response: Speed time to response and reduce dwell time with AI assisted investigations, hunting and customizable response playbooks.
4) Improved Operational Efficiency: Save time with less rule writing and tuning, with full context and automate mundane tasks for faster investigations.

Chris Scheels
Chris Scheels VP Product Marketing, Gurucul

Chris has been aligning people, processes and technology to drive companies forward for over 20 years. He has a decade of cybersecurity experience in product marketing and product management. His passion is helping businesses succeed through the strategic use of technology. Most recently he was helping customers accelerate their Zero Trust journey at Appgate, Inc. His background also includes experience in operations, sales, and new business development.