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Case Studies

Vodafone Idea Case Study

Vodafone Idea Limited Modernized Its SOC with Gurucul’s Identity-Driven Security Analytics

Several capabilities made Gurucul stand out from the competitors. “The platform leverages a variety of machine learning and AI models that our analysts can put to use with relative ease,” says Kasilingham.

Citrine Informatics

For Citrine Informatics, Gurucul’s SIEM Is the Future of Understanding Their Own Environment

“When you put a SIEM in place that can discover the things that you didn’t think to ask, your visibility and your understanding of your own environment increases exponentially.” – Bob Vail, CISO, Citrine Informatics

Allina Health

Allina Health Gurucul Customer Story: Monitoring Medical Devices (Video)

Gurucul’s security analytics platform allows the healthcare provider to establish baseline behavior profiles for its medical devices. These baselines help Allina Health detect activities that are outside the normal patterns and which may indicate a device needs maintenance or has been compromised.

Infosys-Customer Story Video

Infosys Gurucul Customer Story – Automating Real-time Threat Detection (Video)

They achieved the following objectives with Gurucul Behavior Based Security Analytics: insider threat detection, IP protection, detecting threats in real-time, reducing manual efforts, and reducing false positives.

Next-Gen SIEM PeerSpot Validated User Review

CEO, Woodside Security Consultants

From a security perspective, Gurucul is particularly useful for detecting anonymous events, such as those related to the use of applications and the behavior of users and administrators who are making changes.

UEBA PeerSpot Validated User Review

Manager, 10,000+ Employee Communication Service Provider

Gurucul UEBA has helped save our operational costs 10 to 20 percent. Our MTTD has been reduced by almost 30 minutes. It has reduced our false positives by 20 percent.

Next-Gen SIEM PeerSpot Validated User Review

Consultant, Progressive Infotech

Gurucul Next Gen SIEM is easy to understand, unlike some SIEMs that can be overly complex. While there are essential tools that require technical expertise, Gurucul Next Gen SIEM stands out for its user-friendliness, making it accessible to business users.

Model Driven Security (Video)

Aetna Customer Story: Model Driven Security (Video)

View this customer testimonial to learn more about Aetna’s success implementing Gurucul User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) and Identity Analytics.

Protecting Patient Privacy-(Video)

Allina Health Customer Story: Protecting Patient Privacy (Video)

Watch this video to understand how Allina Health used Gurucul’s Risk Analytics (GRA) to protect Players’ and VIP medical records at the Super Bowl in Minneapolis.

Customers Discuss Guruculs Security Analytics Technology-Video

The Gurucul Customer Experience In Their Own Words (Video)

Hear from Gurucul customers directly as they share their experiences working with Gurucul’s real-time behavior based security analytics and intelligence technology.

Case Study-Financial Institution

Financial Institution

Download this customer case study to learn how they eliminated rubberstamping, accelerated and expanded threat detection, and automated repetitive tasks with Gurucul Risk Analytics.

Case Study-Information Technology

Information Technology Services Provider

Read this customer case study to learn how they increased anomaly detection while decreasing false positives exponentially.

Managed Healthcare Insurance Provider

Managed Healthcare Insurance Provider

Read this Gurucul customer case study to understand how a Healthcare provider achieved a drastic reduction in previously undiscovered privileged access entitlements.

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