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Case Studies

Allina Health Gurucul Customer Story: Monitoring Medical Devices (Video)

Allina Health needed to maintain the security of the medical devices throughout its hospital network. Gurucul’s security analytics platform allows the healthcare provider to establish baseline behavior profiles for its medical devices. These baselines help Allina Health detect activities that are outside the normal patterns and which may indicate a device needs maintenance or has been compromised.

Infosys Customer Story: Automating Real-time Threat Detection with Behavior Analytics (Video)

Infosys is a large IT consulting services company with 200,000 employees in 100 locations across 50 countries. The company’s main challenge in providing IT services to global customers is keeping up with the rapid change in the threat environment. They achieved the following objectives with Gurucul Behavior Based Security Analytics: insider threat detection, IP protection, detecting threats in real-time, reducing manual efforts, and reducing false positives.

Aetna Customer Story: Model Driven Security (Video)

As a Fortune 100 Health Insurance Provider, Aetna is using Gurucul Risk Analytics to automate front line security controls. View this customer testimonial to learn more about Aetna’s success implementing Gurucul User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) and Identity Analytics.

Allina Health Customer Story: Protecting Patient Privacy (Video)

Watch this video to understand how Allina Health used Gurucul’s Risk Analytics (GRA) to protect Players’ and VIP medical records at the Super Bowl in Minneapolis. Gurucul’s User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) was able to answer these questions: “Are you snooping on other employees? Are you looking at VIP records?” UEBA can really tie different events together and trigger them combined as an alert to say, “We have a VIP event here in combination with data exfiltration. This might be something we seriously need to look at.”

The Gurucul Customer Experience In Their Own Words (Video)

Hear from Gurucul customers directly as they share their experiences working with Gurucul’s real-time behavior based security analytics and intelligence technology. Find out why they chose Gurucul, and how their companies have benefited from combining machine learning behavior profiling with predictive risk-scoring algorithms to predict, detect and prevent breaches, fraud and insider threats.

Financial Institution

Increasing employee turnover and contract-based positions amplified the insider threat problem at this Financial Institution. Traditional access rules, roles and rubber stamping processes allowed misaligned and excess access. Download this customer case study to learn how they eliminated rubberstamping, accelerated and expanded threat detection, and automated repetitive tasks with Gurucul Risk Analytics.

Information Technology Services Provider

As one of the top system integrators in the world, the company’s SIEM solution was producing far too many false positives and non-critical true positives for their SOC team to keep up with. Servicing a collection of Fortune 50 customers and maintaining a broad range of employees accessing their customers’ information, the company faced liability concerns. Read this customer case study to learn how they increased anomaly detection while decreasing false positives exponentially.

Managed Healthcare Insurance Provider

Read this Gurucul customer case study to understand how a Healthcare provider achieved a drastic reduction in previously undiscovered privileged access entitlements. They reduced the daily alert volume from 30,000 to 10 alerts, reduced password usage by 80% and so much more.

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