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Technical Review:

Automate Detection and Response to Threats Using the Gurucul Security Analytics and Operations Platform

Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) evaluated the Gurucul Platform to validate the tangible benefits of automated detection and response of internal and external threats within on-premises and cloud environments. Areas of focus included deployment flexibility, data ingestion capabilities, and machine learning risk analysis. ESG focused on how these capabilities can help organizations secure their infrastructure confidently, regardless of the experience level of their SOC team.

The Bigger Truth as Highlighted by ESG Analysts!

Many companies must fill SOC roles with less experienced professionals. Analysts with experience are often overwhelmed with thousands of events and anomalies every day, along with noise caused by false positive alerts, making it difficult to know what threats require immediate action.

Organizations need a SOC platform capable of helping inexperienced analysts make a difference from day one while providing the flexibility to expand SOC team capabilities over time.

In this Technical Review, ESG validated a SOC team scenario outlining how Gurucul enables SOC teams in five essential ways:

  • Data ingestion
  • Machine learning and analytics
  • Risk scoring
  • Prioritized alerts, investigations, and reporting
  • Automated playbooks
Download this independent technical review for details on how the Gurucul Platform automates detection and response to threats.