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5-Star Recipes of a Security Analytics Platform

Looking for inspiration? Download our Security Analytics Cookbook and take a bite out of our most popular recipes. With over 2000 machine learning models out-of-the-box, there’s a lot you can do with very little effort.

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Why Gurucul Security Analytics?

The key to predicting threats, especially unknown threats, is to monitor user and entity behavior – to recognize when that behavior starts being anomalous. Gurucul’s Unified Security and Risk Analytics platform ingests massive amounts of data and provides insight into what’s going on with users and entities in real-time. The output is a single unified risk score for every user and entity. This risk score provides actionable intelligence on potential risky situations so organizations can take automated, orchestrated corrective action.

Key Differentiators Include:

✔ 1500+ OOTB Machine Learning Models

✔ Open Analytics

✔ Access + Activity Logs

✔ All Your Data in One Risk Score

✔ Open Choice of Big Data

✔ Fixed Price Transparent Infrastructure

Gurucul is used to detect anomalies which are not possible through any other monitoring solution.

Lakshminarayanan Kaliyaperumal, VP & Head – Cyber Security Technology & Operations at Infosys Ltd