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This day in age, we all too often hear about security attacks targeting everyone from the Fortune 500 companies all the way down to the small start-ups. These security hacks can affect your intellectual property, personal records, and several other types of invaluable data, potentially devastating your company’s ability to do business.

Detecting Data Exfiltration

“A common form that villains use to exfiltrate data are through advanced persistent threats (APTs). These high-risk threats use a combination of common, malicious techniques, and tools to extract sensitive pieces of data from their targets. How do you stop this from happening? Implement an Intelligent Data Exfiltration Detection solution, alerting you to an APT attack and other potential data breaches.

As the name implies, the solution detects potential data exfiltration risks before they happen, thus allowing businesses time to prepare a strategic plan to find the threat origin and prevent the data from being stolen and sold to your competitors. Gurucul’s Intelligent Data Exfiltration Detection solution can detect any and every type of unauthorized web application, file transfer protocol (FTP), Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), and Backdoors which are usually the main tools for most data exfiltration threats and security breaches.”


As mentioned, APTs use numerous techniques to gather sensitive information. These threats exist in a myriad of places inside your computer’s file systems undetected. Gurucul’s Intelligent Data Exfiltration Detection solution can detect these threats using behavior analytics to identify the origin, and prevent a security breach from happening. Gurucul’s Intelligent Data Exfiltration Detection offers the additional benefits below:

  • The solution uses machine learning to detect anomalous activities and identify unauthorized data access.
  • The solution uses peer group comparisons to highlight high-risk outlier actions.
  • The solution provides fuzzy correlation to pull disparate information sources together to reduce false positives and provide context that traditional data loss prevention tools cannot address.



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