Dynamic Access & Role Modeling

Enable Zero-day Provisioning and Automated Approval Workflows for High Risk Access

Most organizations still have conventional provisioning systems that are role-based and static. As a user’s job role changes, they often retain their previous access. People tend to accumulate access over time, especially when inadequate IAM practices are in place. Eventually, inappropriate access to financial data, intellectual property, and other valuable information propagates across the organization with no centralized controls in place.

Gurucul Identity Analytics’ dynamic access and role modeling capability can determine access-control permissions and restrictions based on a user’s risk score. Risk scores are defined by Identity Analytics’ machine learning algorithms, taking into account numerous points of context including: user behavior, resource sensitivity, the user’s job role, access of the user compared to peers, and the configuration of the devices used to access resources.

Benefits of Gurucul Dynamic Access and Role Modeling

  • Update access to resources based on risk versus hard-coded rules
  • Manage access for low-risk situations dynamically rather than depending on manual intervention
  • Remove access automatically when unknown devices and locations are in play

With Dynamic Access and Role Modeling, organizations can automatically update user permissions independently without any administrator intervention as user’s jobs or roles change. For example, Identity Analytics determines permissions when a user accesses a resource from their office computer versus when they use their own device over a virtual private network. Access may be reduced if the device is considered high risk (unknown, not patched, unusual location, etc.).

Another frequent use case of Identity Analytics is when a user switches jobs. Identity Analytics identifies the job change and new peer groups are identified. With dynamic access and role modeling, user permissions automatically update without IT intervention in low-risk situations.

Gurucul Identity Analytics customers report a 65% reduction in on boarding time through the dynamic access and role modeling capability.

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