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Proactively Protect Financial Assets with AI-Driven Security Analytics

Protect Your Brand, Your Reputation and Your Revenue


Cyber threats are 300 times as likely to target the broader financial services industry as companies in other sectors, according to BCG. Whether attackers are attempting to access financial information, take over customer identities, commit fraud, or hold critical files for ransom, your information security team has more than its fair share of challenges.



  • Focus on the highest priority alerts
    with unified risk scoring
  • Fuse Gurucul into your existing infrastructure seamlessly
    with multiple deployment options, including cloud, SaaS, and on-premises options
  • Leverage correlated data from multiple tools
    into a force multiplier for Security Operations
  • Deliver real-time cybersecurity intelligence
    mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK Framework
  • Gain context
    around the behavior of entities and assets to improve response
  • Quickly develop custom use-cases, rules, and models
    that are unique to your organization


  • Protect customer, employee, and third party data
  • Prevent financial losses
  • Avoid penalties for non-compliance with PCI-DSS and other mandates
  • Preserve your organization’s reputation


Gurucul is uniquely positioned to optimize Financial Services security team’s efficiency, regardless of skillset and significantly reduce resource and operational costs over time, while preventing damage to the business. The Gurucul platform encompasses SIEM, UEBA, SOAR, XDR, NTA, and Identity Analytics capabilities. It delivers a single pane of glass where analysts can quickly identify and combat threats that existing defenses typically miss, including malicious insider activity and account compromise. From a single console, analysts can immediately view and investigate the highest risks in their organization, monitor security threats, open and close cases, and automate incident response.


TOP Financial Services Use cases

Respond to Successful Phishing Attacks

Respond to Successful Phishing Attacks

The Gurucul platform adapts in real-time to detect and capture new variants of known phishing attacks. Dynamic machine learning models detect how phishing attacks are structured and where their behaviors exhibit malicious intent. Gurucul’s algorithms monitor and identify emails and other data that doesn’t fit into the normal discourse for individual users.

Detect Third Party Compromise in Realtime

Detect Third Party Compromise in Realtime

Monitor for abnormal behaviors, access violations and other indicators that a threat actor is looking to disrupt business, gain access to confidential data and/or detonate a ransomware campaign through weaknesses in how organizations connect with supply chain partners. Ingest various business data, including SAP and Salesforce, identity access and entitlements, and apply security analytics to these data sources to determine supply chain anomalies and abnormal behaviors from a consistent baseline.

Investigate Insider Threats

Investigate Insider Threats as They Emerge

The most effective way to detect insider threats, without generating high volumes of false positive alerts, is to create time-based behavioral baselines and continuously learn what is acceptable behavior to detect anomalies. This requires monitoring and analyzing massive amounts of data from a myriad of sources using advanced machine learning models and data science to pinpoint privilege abuse. This is what Gurucul does, in real time, with exceptional accuracy.

Achieving Compliance Objectives

Ensure Compliance with Regulatory Mandates

As cyberattacks targeting the financial sector proliferate, mandatory cybersecurity regulations force organizations to be held accountable for their security posture. Gurucul’s platform helps to facilitate compliance with regulations such as ISO/IEC 27001, NIST 800-53, PCI DSS, EU-GDPR, UK-GDPR, SOX, BSA, GLBA, FINRA, and PSD2. Compliance with financial services regulations requires a broad range of tools and a coordinated approach that is facilitated by Gurucul’s Security Operations Platform.