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Privileged Access Monitoring

Securing Critical Systems Against Intruders and Insider Threats


Many of the largest and most infamous data breaches of recent years have a common root cause – unsecured privileged accounts that grant cybercriminals and malicious insiders the elevated access they need to inflict serious damage. With access to even one privileged account, an intruder can find and steal valuable data, modify system configuration settings, and install and run programs. And it only takes one hijacked privileged account to snowball into a data breach disaster.

It isn’t only external cyber criminals who can exploit unsecured privileged accounts. Organizations are also at risk from insiders with privileged access.



  • Identify All Privileged Accounts and Entitlements
    The solution facilitates the complete accounting of privileged accounts and entitlements, including where administrative rights were provisioned without accountability. This includes discovering normal accounts that have hidden privileged access entitlements or exist within applications and unstructured data.
  • Manage, Monitor, and Control Privileged Access
    The solution provides intelligence to discover privileged access, detect access outliers, excess access, shared privileged accounts, access abuse, compromised accounts, and more. This is only possible through advanced machine learning (ML) and drawing from big data to assure the broadest data sets possible for analysis.
  • Manage Excess Access
    Reduce access not associated with job responsibilities and potential account compromise risk. Minimize the time window of access risk, plus detect dormant and orphan accounts. Eliminate rubber-stamping associated with Sarbanes-Oxley and other compliance related access reviews. Reduce segregation of duties (SoD) conflicts for access, plus optimize manager time with high-risk access certifications.
  • Maximize PAM/PIM solutions
    Enhance your existing IAM and PAM products by finding your “access outliers” and applying dynamic risk scores for them based on behavior, peers, access, activities, and context. This includes the ability to see the access and activities of those outside the vault and what PAM and PIM solutions haven’t accounted for.


Radically reduce accounts and entitlements: Clean up the access plane to enable access only where it should be provided.

Enable Zero Trust Initiatives: Baseline current access privileges and policies and use this to build an effective zero trust program leveraging LEAST privileged access policy creation.

Detect Least Privileged Access Misuse and Violations: Continuously monitor for misuse such as insider threats and stolen credentials.



Gurucul provides a true centralized 360-degree view of identity, access, privileged access, usage in the cloud, mobile and on-premises, breaking down traditional IAM silos. This includes the ability to view the full context baseline of a user’s access entitlement risks with true machine learning analytics.

Gurucul addresses the prime threat plane of privileged access with the risk scoring of privileged access entitlements, which delivers reductions of as much as 50% of privileged access and 40% of excess access (accounts and entitlements).