Risk Based Access Certifications

Reduce Rubber-stamping, Time Spent and Overall Risk Through Outlier Certification

Due to the proliferation of access (accounts and entitlements) and lack of business-friendly access descriptions, managers and data owners face time-intensive requirements for access review and end up rubber-stamping, just to pass the security and compliance audits. The result is a threat plane of unknown magnitude, due to ineffective access governance controls, which exposes the organization to greater risk.

To address these challenges, organizations must employ a proactive perspective and adopt a solution providing actionable intelligence to drive dynamic risk-driven security controls.

Why Choose Gurucul for Risk Based Access Certifications?

Gurucul Identity Analytics provides a range of analytical techniques to detect access outliers based on contextual data, which delivers actionable intelligence to drive dynamic risk based certifications.

Risk scores are derived based on threat indicators from identity, accounts and entitlements, assets, and behavior context. The user-centric risk score triggers risk based access certification campaigns within Gurucul Identity Analytics, or externally, leveraging an organization’s existing access certification system. The end result is access certifications provide the most effective and efficient access governance and administration processes available.

Gurucul Dynamic Risk-Based Certification Solution

Gurucul Identity Analytics supports seamless bidirectional API-based integration with leading IGA solutions to:

Import identities, accounts and entitlements with metadata

Trigger risk based outlier access certifications

Provide closed-loop integration with importing access certification actions

Highlights: Gurucul Risk Based Access Certifications

Gurucul’s Identity Analytics solution uses advanced machine algorithms to analyze accounts and entitlements associated with users and peer-groups.

Bullet Largest library of machine learning algorithms

Bullet Provides up to 90% reduction in the total number of certifications launched

Bullet Increases the effectiveness through fewer certifications, thus reducing rubber-stamping

Bullet Delivers an increase of up to 5X in the access revocation rate

Bullet Reduces overall risk exposure by reducing the excess access threat plane

Risk-based Certification Highlights

“Gurucul Identity Analytics reduces time spent on access reviews by 80%.”

– CISO, Financial Transaction Services Company

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