Risky Account Discovery & Cleanup

Reduce Excess Access and Access Outliers

Shoring up access risk in the enterprise starts with reducing excess access and access outliers. Gurucul Identity Analytics automates the access cleanup process. It identifies dormant and orphan accounts, and detects accounts with outlier access that are routinely missed by conventional IAM tools.

In large organizations people often forget about accounts that are left open by former employees, users in new job roles or anyone else who retains knowledge about the account. The risk is that orphaned accounts can be exploited by hackers or insider threats to gain access to systems with sensitive data.

To reduce the attack surface area posed by access, Gurucul Identity Analytics uses a risk-based approach for access requests and approvals to identify and remove excess access, access outliers, and orphaned/dormant accounts.

With Identity Analytics’ Risky Account Discovery and Cleanup capability, these accounts are identified and sent to system owners or IT personnel for review. Action can be taken, based on the response, to assign the account to an end user, or remove the account from the system.

Benefits of Gurucul Risky Account Discovery and Cleanup

  • Reduce risk of orphan or dormant accounts being compromised or misused
  • Identify orphan and dormant accounts automatically
  • Identify account owners or mark an account for review

Gurucul’s API integrations automatically send de-provisioning requests to provisioning systems where standard workflows can be applied to ensure access is removed appropriately. Once access removal is validated, user risk scores generated by Gurucul Identity Analytics are adjusted when the product receives confirmation from the provisioning system that access has been removed.

In addition to the security benefits, removing orphan and dormant accounts with Identity Analytics saves on licensing fees for SaaS applications and boosts productivity by preventing IT staff from manually searching for these difficult to find accounts.

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