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When it comes to security, every organization, large or small, is vulnerable to an attack. According to recent reports, it takes an average of 16 months or more for a business to identify that they have been compromised. It doesn’t matter whether the attack was launched by an external entity such as a hacker or an insider; both pose a risk to your business. Most organization leverage log aggregators or SIEM to detect and investigate threats using known patterns. By the time SIEM provides alert notification, your brand and IP will likely have been compromised.

As threats against corporate networks increase in volume and become more sophisticated, large and small organizations alike must search for a comprehensive security solution. This solution should protect corporate intellectual property, ensure business continuity, and maintain security compliance without using known patterns. Nevertheless, with SIEM Intelligence you have nothing to worry about.

What is SIEM Intelligence?

SIEM Intelligence is an extension to an organization’s current SIEM solution by leveraging context of a user’s behavior, their identity, and their access. This solution leverages advanced analytical techniques such as user behavior, peer group analytics, machine learning, and anomaly detection for the identification of potential threats. The solution assigns risk scores and generates actionable alerts to responders for matters that require immediate attention.


An intelligence or context aware SIEM is quite capable in providing quick and accurate results, and also provides organizations with additional benefits

  • The solution features a real-time proactive threat monitoring feature that detects potential threats before they manage to harm your business
  • Analyses historical events to identify slow and low attacks
  • Identifies high risk privilege accounts by applying identity context to user’s activities and events which in turn helps with preventing advanced threats
  • Generates a manageable number of true positives and allows businesses to combat threats effectively




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