SoD Intelligence

Prevent and Detect Segregation of Duties (SoD) or Toxic Combinations of Access and Their Usage

Segregation of duties (SoD) is an essential control over sensitive transactions. Role-based authorization and access often causes unknown conflicts in securing transactions.

Gurucul Identity Analytics automatically reviews existing roles and entitlements across systems and identifies inter- and intra-application segregation of duty risks. Once these risks are identified, Identity Analytics, via API integration, can temporarily disable access and send a notification to the business owner.

The business owner can choose to accept the risk and allow the access, or deny the access. In both situations, Identity Analytics supports configurations to send updates to the business owner and to the IAM system to ensure the central audit log is maintained.

Benefits of Gurucul SoD Intelligence 

  • Detect SoD rules violations within applications and between applications
  • Remove access from users to enforce SoD rules
  • Review existing roles and entitlements across systems and identify SoD risks

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